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Symon established in 2014, we are operating in “Taiwan Orchid Plantation” in Houbi District of Tainan City. Symon is specialized in cultivating the Phalaenopsis Cut Flower, “the V3 big white and dyed Phalaenopsis”.

Main products: 

V3 cut flowers, colored Phalaenopsis cut flowers, Phalaenopsis seedlings and colored Phalaenopsis potted flowers. 

0ur product have been sold all over the world.

Smart agriculture & Sustainable management  

Symon is targeting automation in agriculture by using vertical farming, energy-saving system, automatic flooding system and automated storage and retrieval system. We develop to be a world-leading agricultural enterprise in orchid producing and marketing. Symon greenhouse is about 16,000 square meters, our production quantity is up to 1.5 million stems per year.